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Identity Theft

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Identity theft has become more and more prevalent crime in the U.S., particularly with the rise of internet use. As such, the crime has received more attention and harsher penalties from lawmakers in recent years. Still, many instances of this crime are complex and their definitions do not always accurately depict the circumstances of the accused.

For over two decades, Attorney David Golden has been using is unparalleled criminal defense experience to protect clients from the harshest penalties they face and, in many cases, dispelling all suspicion and achieving acquittals. If you or a loved one has been accused of identity theft, then the clock is ticking.

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What is considered identity theft?

“Identity theft” is a term that covers a number of different crimes. While there is a variety of circumstances involved in these definitions, one thing remains constant: the use of personal information that the accused was not given permission to use.

Identity theft crimes can include:

  • The use of personal information belonging to a deceased person.
  • The use of personal information belonging to a minor.
  • The use of fabricated (or counterfeit) personal information.
  • The gain of money or property via the use of someone else’s personal information.
  • Harassment of another person via the use of his/her personal information.

Penalties for these crimes vary. When they are presented in court, the scope of the crime and the value of the property stolen are usually the most crucial factors in determining the severity of the charge. For more information on what kind of sentence you might be facing for your charges, call our office today.

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Over the last 20 years, Attorney David Golden has seen how identity theft cases have evolved in sophistication and severity and how to effectively counter them before a jury. You don’t have to spend another moment worrying about what your identity theft charge might bring.

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