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Injured in an Accident?

What to do if you have been Injured in an accident anywhere on the Treasure Coast

The “Treasure Coast” usually refers to Martin County, Okeechobee County, St. Lucie County, and Indian River County, Florida.  The Accident and Injury Attorneys at The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A. are here to help you 24 hours a day, with office locations in each county.  We are an “AV-Rated” Premier Law Firm, and have been awarded Avvo’s Client Choice Award each year since 2013.  We offer Free Consultations, and you will pay nothing unless we recover on your behalf.

Heart ScaleIf you have been injured an any kind of incident or accident in Stuart, Okeechobee, St. Lucie, or Vero Beach, Florida, make sure it is documented at the scene. If it is a car accident, or involves a motor vehicle, make sure the police are called and a report is generated. Florida law requires drivers to report accidents and wait at the scene for Law Enforcement. From a personal injury and car accident perspective, you hope the responding officer recognizes the other driver as the “at fault” driver so liability is clear. Take pictures of the damage to both vehicles when circumstances allow, but never put yourself in harm’s way. For other situations such as a “slip and fall,” or a dog bite, take pictures at the scene (when possible), but try and file a report or get a witness if possible.

In car accident cases, reporting the accident also prevents the other driver from accusing you of “hit and run” or “leaving the scene of an accident,” which is a criminal charge for which you could be arrested. Everyone wants to be nice, but NEVER agree with, or suggest to, the other driver that you take care of things without reporting the crash to the police or the insurance companies. As criminal defense attorneys, we have seen many good people naively set themselves up to be arrested for leaving the scene of an accident because the one driver subsequently reported it and said the other driver fled or left the scene, even when they were at fault! Cover yourself and make a report. Have the “Driver Exchange Information Form” completed by Law Enforcement.

If you have any other kind of accident or injury, such as a “slip and fall,” premises liability” or “dog bite” incident, make sure that management at the scene, or the appropriate authorities are notified, so that a report documents the event. When in doubt, call 911.


Your health and physical well-being is our priority, and should be yours too. Consult with your primary care doctor, or if immediate care is needed, do not hesitate to go to the ER (Emergency Room) of any hospital. Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinics are other options too, but see a doctor! And, in the course of seeking treatment, do not “hold back,” trying to be some kind of superhero, “tough guy,” or martyr. If you do not let the professionals know about a concern, they cannot treat it. It also makes it difficult for us as accident attorneys to claim damages for injuries later, when you never reported it earlier. Your treatment and credibility is obviously important. One of the advantages of hiring local counsel and smaller personal injury law firm is the personal attention you will receive. The accident attorneys at The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A., are available twenty-four (24) a day, and make house calls and hospital visits when necessary. In fact, many of the hospital staff in Indian River County, St. Lucie County, Martin County, and Okeechobee County, know our injury and accident lawyers on a first name basis, so do not be embarrassed or think it is awkward to meet with us at the hospital.


Though the other driver might be at fault, each of us is required to use our own “personal injury protection” or “PIP,” first. When you here Florida is a “No Fault” State, that is what they are referencing. Fault does become relevant when more than the ten thousand dollar PIP benefits are needed and that is why documenting everything is so important.

Also, while you are required to cooperate with your own insurance, remember that you are not obligated to, and should not, discuss the facts of the accident with the other party’s insurance carrier.


The Accident and Injury Attorneys at The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A., are available twenty-four hours a day, at (772) 220-4400, or (863) 220-4400, for accidents or injuries in Okeechobee County, Martin County, St. Lucie County, and Indian River County Florida. Also keep in mind that there are No Costs or Charges unless we win. With four locations to better serve you, we are Protecting You When It Matters Most!

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