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Heart ScaleAre you facing a BUI charge in the Okeechobee area? The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A. can help you fight those charges. Boating under the influence is a very serious charge in Florida and can include very stiff penalties, including jail time.

To avoid or reduce these penalties, you’ll need the help of The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A., where you’ll find more than 20 years of experience beating BUI charges throughout Florida. Mr. Golden knows how to combine the evidence and the law to present the best defense against your charges, potentially leading to a complete acquittal.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a BUI in Okeechobee, Taylor Creek, Fort Drum, or other areas of Okeechobee County, put The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A. on the case. Call us at 863-220-4400, and we will start reviewing your case for free right away.

Trust Your Case to The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A.

The results of your case will hinge on the quality of the defense your criminal attorney organizes. With The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A., you can be confident you are getting only the best.

Mr. Golden has dedicated the last 20-plus years to the rigorous defense of his clients, which has led to a long career of decisive successes and legal victories. His commitment to his clients and his aggressive courtroom skills won him recognition from his clients in 2015 as Avvo’s Clients’ Choice for Criminal Defense. He has also won the respect of his colleagues in the legal profession, evidenced by his AV Preeminent rating with Martindale-Hubbell.

With Mr. Golden, you’ll get a defense lawyer that makes the most of the evidence and facts of your case, putting the prosecutor on the spot and making sure your defense is forcefully presented to the judge and the jury. As an experienced, hard-nosed negotiator, Mr. Golden has been known to argue down charges and get great results for his clients, no matter the severity of the charges they are facing.

Charges for BUI Convictions in Florida

BUI charge is always serious, but the penalties will vary depending on the specifics of your case. For a BUI charge to lead to a conviction, it must be proven that the accused was:

  • Operating a water vessel
  • Under the influence of alcohol at a higher level than .08, or was under the influence of a controlled substance

More severe charges apply for anyone:

  • Whose blood alcohol level exceeded .15
  • Who was accompanied by a minor on the boat
  • Who caused property damage while boating under the influence
  • Who has already been convicted of one or more BUIs in the past

Some of these more severe accusations can lead to felony charges, which carry far more serious penalties.

Fortunately, there are some strong defenses that you can use against a BUI charge, including questioning the validity of the tests used to determine that you were under the influence. Attorney Golden can discuss the details of your case with you to determine what the best defense is in your case.

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A BUI conviction can lead to fines, jail time, and other penalties. To fight these charges, you’ll need the best criminal defense lawyer on your side. If you or someone you know is facing an Okeechobee BUI charge, The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A. can provide you with the best defense. Contact us at 863-220-4400 to find out more in a free consultation.

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