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Bicycle Accidents

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If your injuries require medical care or interfere with your capacity to earn a living and care for your family, David Golden, a compassionate Port St. Lucie personal injury attorney, understands everything possible about your rights as a bicyclist. We fight for the full financial compensation that bike accident victims and their families need and deserve.

A bicycle rider has very little protection in an accident. As a result, injuries sustained while biking have the potential to be serious or even fatal. Serious bicycle injuries include:

The Causes of Bicycle Accidents

If you are injured, a Port St. Lucie personal injury lawyer will evaluate your case and investigate by hiring experts, obtaining photos, interviewing witnesses, and if necessary, going to the scene of the accident.

There are many causes for bicycle accidents, including:

  • Negligent motorists – Drunk driving, turning directly in front of a bicyclist, pulling out in front of a bicyclist, opening car door into a cyclist’s path, forcing cyclists off the road, failing to yield right-of-way at an intersection, not respecting rights of cyclists to share the road and failure to observe the same laws
  • Environmental conditions – Bad weather causing impaired visibility or slippery roads
  • Dangerous road conditions – Potholes, road debris, maintenance problems
  • Dog attacks
  • Defective design, manufacture or repair of bicycles or their components

Don’t let too much time go by before contacting us, because valuable evidence may be lost, witnesses may disappear and the insurance company of the other party may take advantage of you. In addition, law enforcement personnel often wrongfully conclude that the cyclist is at fault.

Steps to Take After a Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents can be extremely stressful for the victim. As with any vehicle accident, there are a number of steps you need to take to ensure your claim goes as smoothly as possible:

  • First, seek medical attention if you or anyone else involved needs it. Injuries from a bike accident often aren’t apparent right away but can become quite painful and debilitating in the long term, especially if they’re neck, back or head injuries. If you’re injured, ask to be transported to a hospital by ambulance.
  • Get a police report regardless of the accident’s severity, and make sure the report is filed.
  • Get as much information as you can – names, phone numbers and addresses of all the people involved, including witnesses. You will also need to keep track of insurance information and the reporting process. Take photos if you can.
  • Don’t give a statement to anyone until you consult with a lawyer. Anything said to insurance companies could make it harder for you to settle your claim. Also do not sign anything without first consulting an attorney.

Take Immediate Legal Action

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident, call the David Golden, P.A. at 888-527-0343 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation to learn your rights. A representative willanswer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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