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Heart ScaleIf you’ve been charged with theft in Okeechobee, the experienced criminal defense attorneys at The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A. are here to fight for you. Individuals often do not realize how serious these charges are (especially since no violence was involved) but prosecutors in Florida have been known to push for stiff penalties for theft crimes, including heavy fines, incarceration, and even deportation consequences for those with immigration issues.

To avoid these penalties, you’ll need to have a dedicated, first-class legal team to help you fight back against the allegations you are facing. The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A. has over two decades of experience helping people in Okeechobee and across Indian River County defend against “moral turpitude” charges. We have extensive experience helping with both adult and juvenile charges, so if you or someone you know is facing a theft crime charge, it’s time to get serious about your defense. Call 863-220-4400 so The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A. can get to work right away. Your initial consultation is completely free.

Why Choose The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A.?

Even the most minor theft crime conviction comes with penalties that can derail your life. Depending on the value of goods stolen, you may be charged with a misdemeanor or felony, both of which can lead to significant prison sentences, hefty fines, restitution, community service, license suspension, and a permanent criminal record. The criminal record can follow you for the rest of your life, making it difficult to get a job and find housing, and can potentially ruin your relationships and your reputation.

With so much at stake, you need a criminal defense lawyer you can trust to aggressively defend your rights, freedom, and future. David Golden of The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A. is that lawyer. He will fight harder than the prosecutor and argue more forcefully on your behalf. Mr. Golden has extensive experience arguing theft cases before a jury and beating down charges at the negotiation table.

His tough legal style has led to admiration from his fellow lawyers, which has resulted in his AV Preeminent rating by Martindale-Hubbell. He has also been named Avvo’s Clients’ Choice for Criminal Defense.

When your freedom and your future hang in the balance, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. By engaging David Golden to represent you, you’ll get a committed legal advocate with a long history of success against even the most serious of theft charges.

Theft Crimes We Defend

“Theft” is a very broad category that includes a variety of crimes. It includes many different charges that all relate to the taking of property or funds without the right to do so. However, each charge requires a different legal strategy and may come with different potential penalties in the event of a conviction. Some of the theft crimes we can help you fight include:

  • Petty theft: Any theft of less than $300 in money or in items counts as a misdemeanor petty theft charge in Florida. Petty theft comes with less severe penalties than felony grand theft.
  • Grand theft: Grand theft involves taking more than $300 in money or items from another. It’s a felony charge that carries more serious potential penalties than petty theft.
  • Shoplifting: Taking products from a store without paying counts as shoplifting, regardless of the value of those items.
  • Burglary: Breaking into someone’s home or business and taking their property or money can lead to a burglary charge.
  • Robbery: Taking someone’s property or money through violence or the threat of violence can lead to a robbery charge.
  • Larceny: This is a more general term for the theft of any property from another individual. Like all theft, this can involve petty larceny or grand larceny, depending on the amount stolen.
  • Identity theft: The theft of another’s identity or the counterfeiting of an identity for the purposes of taking money or property or to harass others, is a significant theft crime in Florida.
  • Internet crime: Internet crime is another broad category that includes any theft that involves computers, electronic devices, and the internet. This can include phishing scams, in which an email or other message makes fraudulent promises in exchange for personal information. Also included are pyramid schemes, fraudulent work-from-home positions, and other online scams that attempt to steal personal information, money, or property.
  • Credit card fraud: Stealing an individual’s credit card or bank account information and using it to take money or make purchases is a serious crime in Florida.
  • Fraud: More generally, any use of false claims to extract money, property, or information from others is at root a theft crime.
  • Embezzlement: When an individual has the right to manage money, property, or other assets, but then uses that right to steal from these assets, they have committed the crime of embezzlement.
  • Auto theft: Taking an individual’s vehicle without their consent is an auto theft crime.
  • Carjacking: Carjacking also involves the theft of a vehicle, but also includes a component of violence, including either actual violence or the threat of violence.

Whatever theft crimes you have been accused of, The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A. can build a powerful defense that limits your penalties and may even get the charges dropped entirely. What defenses are available to you will vary depending on the specifics of your case. You can learn more about what we can do in your particular circumstances during a free consultation.

Build the Strongest Defense with The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A.

A theft conviction may bring with it a long prison sentence, thousands of dollars in fines, community service, and other stiff penalties. If you or someone you know is facing a theft crime charge in Okeechobee, Taylor Creek, Fort Drum, or other areas of Okeechobee County, The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A. can help you avoid these penalties by fighting the charges at every level. Call 863-220-4400 to get started on your defense with a free case review.

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