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Heart ScaleIf you have been charged with a white collar crime in St. Lucie, contact The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A. for help with your defense. White collar crime is a category of crime that includes any fraud committed by business or government professionals. Most white collar crimes are financially motivated, and the FBI as well as local law enforcement agencies dedicate significant resources to prosecuting these crimes.

Many alleged white collar crimes in St. Lucie are felony offenses, and convictions carry steep consequences that include lengthy prison sentences and enormous fines. Some people who are accused of white collar crimes had no criminal intent, which is important because most of these offenses require the prosecution to prove that an alleged offender acted knowingly.

Were you arrested or do you think that you could be under investigation for a white collar crime in the Greater St. Lucie area? You should not speak to authorities about your case without a criminal defense lawyer. The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A. will provide a dedicated and aggressive defense against your criminal charges. Call 772-336-4357 today to schedule a confidential case evaluation.

Why You Need The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A.

Many people believe the stereotype that white collar criminals face only minor, slap-on-the-wrist penalties if convicted. The truth, though, is that the penalties for a white collar crime can be severe, depending on the amount of money involved in your case. You may face decades in prison and tens of thousands of dollars in fines. When you are accused of any kind of white collar crime, you need to invest significantly in your defense.

A lawyer will be able to investigate your case and find the most compelling defense for you. If you did not intentionally participate in an illegal activity, a defense attorney will know what steps to take to demonstrate this. If the evidence against you was obtained unlawfully, your criminal lawyer will be able to suppress this evidence and fight for your rights. With a lawyer, you are much more likely to have your penalties reduced or your charges dropped altogether.

The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A. has been defending Floridians accused of white collar crimes for over 25 years. His skill, knowledge, and dedication to his clients has allowed him to achieve numerous awards and recognitions, including an AV-Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell and a perfect 10.0 rating from Avvo.

Cases We Handle

The FBI identifies many kinds of crimes as white collar crime, including:

  • Falsification of financial information
  • Self-dealing by corporate insiders
  • Mutual hedge fund fraud
  • Financial institution fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Health Care fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Intellectual property theft (piracy)
  • Money laundering
  • Securities and commodities fraud

The FBI list is by no means all-inclusive, as people can be charged with several other crimes in Florida that are commonly considered white-collar offenses. Examples include:

  • Credit card fraud
  • Medicaid fraud
  • Forgery
  • Tax fraud
  • Embezzlement

The White Collar Crime Victim Protection Act provides that people convicted of aggravated white collar crimes are liable for all court costs and can be ordered to pay restitution to each victim of the crime.

Contact a St. Lucie White Collar Defense Attorney

If you think that you might be under investigation or you were arrested for a white collar crime in St. Lucie, do not wait to retain legal counsel. Make sure that you contact The Law Offices of David Golden, P.A. before speaking with law enforcement.

We represent clients throughout St. Lucie County, including Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie West, Tradition, Fort Pierce, and Lakewood Park. Our firm can provide a diligent defense against your criminal charges. Call 772-336-4357 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

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